Personal Genomes sequenced by date


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Personal Genomes Sequenced, Analyzed and made public (data openned).

* When data are not publically open, we can not verify that the genomes were really sequeced or sequenced well enough to be regarded as useful.

Craig Venter 20070904
James Watson 20080409 

Yang Huanming 20081017

Seong-Jin Kim 20081204

Misha Angrist 20090331
Rosalynn Gill 20090331 
Jay Flatley 20090520 
Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. 20090810 
Hermann Hauser 20090820 
Henry Louis Gates Sr. 20090821 
George Church 20091105 
Glenn Close 20091120 
John West 20100125 
Judy West 20100125 
Anne West 20100125 
Paul West 20100125 
Desmond Tutu 20100217 
James Lupski 20100310 

Rosalyn Gill 20100420
Stephen Quake 20100430 
Greg Lucier 20100501


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